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Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma

Despite the emerging developments in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in recent years, it is still the most lethal among all cancers. Atelectasis is a common condition with lung cancer. Central bronchogenic tumors often induce atelectasis due to endobronchial obstruction but less frequently due to compression of tumor or pleural effusion. The presented case describes case of a patient, who was repeatedly admitted to the Department of Pneumology and Phtiseology due to bronchogenic carcinoma with the future release of it´s complications including obstructive atelectasis of the right lung.

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autor: Ivana Trojová | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | disciplína: Onkologie, radioterapie, Pneumologie | kategorie: Case reports | klíčová slova: R04.2 Hemoptysis, atelectasis, bronchogenic carcinoma | příloh: 4 | zobrazeno: 2398x | publikováno: 23. 12. 2019 | poslední úpravy: 19. 11. 2021

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