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Occupational musculoskeletal diseases: multimedia guide for the English programme students

Occupational musculoskeletal diseases: multimedia guide for the English programme students

This multimedia guide is especially meant for teaching Occupational medicine in the master degree programme General Medicine in English. Illustrative and comprehensive processing of the theme of musculoskeletal diseases is aimed at a more detailed introduction into these up-to-date problems.
Except for the most frequent upper extremity diseases caused by the exposure to hand-treansmitted vibration and overload, disorders of the vertebral column and lower extremities are discussed. Furthermore, occupational diseases assessment systems of other countries, expecially of those from which the foreign students come from, are mentioned. Case-reports, an English-Czech glossary of occupations and a test of knowledge are included. Short-form videos directly from the workplaces, such as stome quarries, foundries, assembly lines, medical or artistic working environments show operations which can lead to health disturbances.
We hope that the readers will enjoy the opportunity of comfortable studying the discipline in the FlipViewer technology.

author: Marie Nakládalová, Petra Smolková, Chung-Li Chang | LF UP | discipline: Occupational Medicine and Toxicology | category: Tutoriály | keywords: pracovní lékařství, nemoci z povolání, e-učebnice, multimedia | attachment: 1 | viewed: 6338x | published on: 10.11.2012

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